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A reason for being. A combination of values, passions and vocation that give meaning to your life. The reason you get out of bed in the morning.

[iki-gai] noun | Japanese

What's your life purpose?

What started as a fun film project between friends, turned into a documentary series of creatives coming to Berlin exploring their passion and purpose in life. We want to document each of these one of a kind stories and share it with the audience, to hopefully inspire others to find their Ikigai.

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Directing / Production - Eisaku Ijima, Selina Coorens

Starring - A variety of artists

What's this series purpose?

With this series we want to give artist and viewers a platform where they can share their dreams and goals. And show them there are many paths to reach a point of horizon.


It's an interplay between artist and viewers. By letting the artist reflect on their experience and confronting them with the question, what's your life purpose. To teach and show viewers that to become an artist you have to start somewhere and that the journey is unpredictable. That's the beauty of it, as long as we find the meaning to keep on going.  




EP1 RYU SETA | From Tokyo Neons to Berlin Graffiti

Ryu Seta @raszomie, an illustrator from Tokyo, traveled to Berlin in search for new experiences and to share his art with a wider audience. His Style is very unique, using doodles to make art pieces and communicate topics like daily news reports or memories of his personal life. 

In this episode he is preparing for his first exhibition and showing us around his workplace, gallery and places he like to visit in Berlin.

EP2 KDINDIE | The Evolution of Nommo

Meet the remarkable Denny Fiorino (@kdindie), a visionary performance designer from Italy. His work seamlessly integrates architecture, dance, theater, and technology to create captivating and inspiring characters. In this episode, we explore the creation of one of his unique characters, Nommo. Delving into its origins and development.

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