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During my internship at MediaMonks Amsterdam, I got to work on an amazing project, called: From Permanent to Eternal.

A story about Nadiya Haddad and her life as an immigrant. To make her story permanent and memorable, she placed a meaningful tattoo on her skin. As this will fade over time we made it everlasting and created a NFT tattoo for generations to see. So her story will not be forgotten.

Creative Direction - Rodrigo Linhares

Story and production - Nadiya Haddad

Artists - Paulina Elsner, Hossam Abu Hashish and Nina Alkhaddour

Concept - Alma Ishai, Flavia Conti, Johana Nailer and Tucker Jackson

Promotion Art Direction (Poster & Social Media), extra's - Lea Soulard,

Madalena Marques, Selina Coorens

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